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Welcome to the Maximum Help website, where you will find many useful tips and tricks; all of which are related to either computers or gaming. There are other things covered here too and you can find them by following the Miscellaneous link.
About me and this site
This site is maintained by just me at the moment and everything is done in my spare time. I am a computer programmer and have very flexible hours. If the revenue from this site reaches a certain minimum level, then I can cut back on my work hours and spend those hours adding new content to this site. I also make walkthrough and help guide videos, which are primarily uploaded to YouTube.

How you can help
There are seven different ways:
1. The most direct way is to Donate via PayPal. Any amount is welcome!

2. Click on the adfly links. These can be found under each video I upload to YouTube. Basically you view an ad before reaching the relevant page.

3. Try to browse as many pages as possible. The more traffic this site gets, the better rates I get from the advertisers.

4. Google Ads - It is forbidden for me to tell people to click ads. But I will say this, if any of the ads you see here interest you, then please visit them through this site, rather than a different site. There are also some ads next to my videos on YouTube. Mainly on my BladeRunnerBlues channel.

5. Amazon Ads - Clicking on Amazon ads is only beneficial to me if you end up buying something from them on the same visit. I will get a very small percentage of the total sales price. So for something worth $50.00, I might get $2.00. Hey, if you're going to buy something anyway (like the latest video game) then you might as well do it through my site to help support it. Remember, make sure to buy something after clicking a link through this site. If you visit them at a different time, i.e. you saved a page to favourites, then I get nothing.

6. One2One ads - pretty much the same as Amazon ads.

7. Google Search Boxes - There's one on every page. Why not search from this site? The search results will open in a new page and if you are buying stuff from your search results, I get some credit for it.

And that's about it. Thanks for taking the time to visit this site and I hope you received maximum help.
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