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FRAPS - How to capture video with limited resources (and general tips)
FRAPS is a program with which you can capture gameplay footage while you are playing on your PC.

FRAPS just dumps the footage on your hard drive without compressing it, which is a good thing, because your computer is already under a strain, if you are running the latest games.

If your computer isn't that powerful, or the game you are playing is just too demanding, here are a few things you can do to make life easier.
1. Record the game in windowed mode i.e. not in fullscreen. There is generally an option in the game's menu, but if there isn't, then see this topic: How to force an application to run in windowed mode.
2. Choose a resolution your computer can handle. I recommend 1280x720 if you want to upload to YouTube.
3. If the game plays slow or the sound is distorted, then record at 30fps.
4. To avoid slowdown and sound synch problems, try to record to a seperate hard drive from the one your OS and the game are installed on. Make sure it is an internal SATA hard drive. Install one if you don't have one.
Avoid using external USB hard drives for demanding games, otherwise you may get the problems mentioned above.
5. If necessary, select the 'half size' option in the 'Movies' tab, in order to reduce the file size
Computer Help > FRAPS >
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