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How to force an application to run in windowed mode.
This method is mainly for running games in windowed mode if there are no options available from within the game. But it should also work on most applications too.
1. Create a shortcut on the desktop, if there isn't one already. To create one, just go to the installation folder of the application and right click the .exe file for the program and then select
> 'Send To'
> Desktop (create shortcut)
2. Go to the shortcut on your desktop and then right click it and select 'properties'. This dialog box should appear:
In the 'Target' field, just add:
- window
as shown below:
You can also type in:
if - window doesn't work.
Just click 'OK' to close the dialog box, and the next time you double click the shortcut, you should be able to run your application or game in windowed mode.

Note: certain applications, like Corel Videostudio, can only run in fullscreen mode, so this technique may not work on all programs.
Computer Help > Windowed Mode >
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