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Call of Duty: Black Ops Introduction Page
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This section of my website will be about the latest Call of Duty game - Black Ops. I will not be making guides for the main game (the campaign mode). For some strange reason, the campaign modes for the last few COD games all seem to be of exactly the same format. That is, they are loud and linear. That type of gameplay does not interest me, which is the reason no guides will be made.
I will however be making lots of guides and walkthroughs for the multiplayer mode. At least in the multiplayer mode, you have the option to use a different approach, namely stealth.
Below you will find a list of all guides I have made so far.
General Gameplay Videos
Black Ops Multiplayer Review + Gameplay in Summit 30-9 Free For All
Villa 20-10 Free For All
Array 23-9 Free For All
Jungle 21-9 Free For All
Launch 24-11 Free For All
Thermal Scope Madness Pt1 Villa 11-0 + Domination Montage
Nuketown Sniper Madness 15-2 TDM + Sniper Montage aka Thermal Scope Madness Pt2
Radiation 30-6 Free For All - Untold Tales From Black Ops Multiplayer
Weapons, Perks etc. guides
Coming Soon ...
Gamer Zone > Black Ops >
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