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Crysis 2
Welcome to the Crysis 2 Section of my website. This is a pretty good game and is actually very addictive. A few of my favourite features from the first two games were missing, which did kinda put me off when I first played it. I will provide more details in walkthrough video 02, which will be a review of sorts.

Anyway, I will be uploading a walkthrough for the entire game, because I quite like it lol. I say this because I recently stated that I will no longer be making full walkthroughs, just mini-guides for games.

As videos are made for the campaign mode, they will be uploaded to the walkthrough section, found below. There will also be general guides and of course, a few multiplayer guides as well.
Campaign Walkthrough Contents
When videos are uploaded, the links become live. I am assuming that each chapter will be roughly in three parts (the intro movie and two parts for gameplay) but this may not always be the case.
Chapter 1 - In At The Deep End Chapter 11 - Corporate Collapse
01 Opening Movies 29 Corporate Collapse Intro Movies
+ In At The Deep End 30 Corporate Collapse Part 1
  31 Corporate Collapse Part 2
Chapter 2 - Second Chance  
02 Second Chance Pt1 Chapter 12 - Train to Catch
03 Second Chance Pt2 32 Train to Catch Intro Movie
04 Second Chance Pt3 33 Train to Catch
Chapter 3 - Sudden Impact Chapter 13 - Unsafe Haven
05 Sudden Impact Intro Movie 34 Unsafe Haven Intro Movie
06 Sudden Impact Part 1 35 Unsafe Haven
07 Sudden Impact Part 2  
  Chapter 14 - Terminus
Chapter 4 - Road Rage 36 Terminus Intro Movie
08 Road Rage Intro Movie 37 Terminus
09 Road Rage Part 1  
10 Road Rage Part 2 Chapter 15 - Power Out
  38 Power Out Intro Movie
Chapter 5 - Lab Rat 39 Power Out
11 Lab Rat Intro Movie  
12 Lab Rat Part 1 Chapter 16 - Eye of The Storm
13 Lab Rat Part 2 40 Eye of The Storm Intro Movies
  41 Eye of The Storm Part 1
Chapter 6 - Gate Keepers 42 Eye of The Storm Part 2
14 Gate Keepers Intro Movie  
15 Gate Keepers Part 1 Chapter 17 - Masks Off
16 Gate Keepers Part 2 43 Masks Off Intro Movie
  44 Masks Off Part 1
Chapter 7 - Dead Man Walking 45 Masks Off Part 2
17 Dead Man Walking Intro Movie  
18 Dead Man Walking Part 1 Chapter 18 - Out of the Ashes
19 Dead Man Walking Part 2 46 Out of the Ashes Intro Movies
  47 Out of the Ashes Part 1
Chapter 8 - Seat of Power 48 Out of the Ashes Part 2
20 Seat of Power Intro Movies  
21 Seat of Power Part 1 Chapter 19 - A Walk in the Park
22 Seat of Power Part 2 49 A Walk in the Park Intro Movies
  50 A Walk in the Park Part 1
Chapter 9 - Dark Heart 51 A Walk in the Park Part 2
23 Dark Heart Intro Movie 52 A Walk in the Park Part 3 End Movies
24 Dark Heart Part 1  
25 Dark Heart Part 2  
Chapter 10 - Semper Fi or Die  
26 Semper Fi or Die Intro Movies  
27 Semper Fi or Die Part 1  
28 Semper Fi or Die Part 2  
Multiplayer Guides Contents
Map Reference Guides
Familiarise yourselves with all the online multiplayer maps; without having to go online and getting slaughtered while trying to learn them. As I add the videos, the links will become active.
Original Multiplayer Maps:
Downed Bird Liberty Island
Parking Deck Wall Street
Sanctuary Lighthouse
City Hall Pier 17
Impact Skyline
Evac Zone Terminal
The Retaliation Pack - DLC 17/5/2011:
Park Avenue Shipyard
Transit Compound
Multiplayer Games
This section will show me playing some multiplayer games online. It's very competitive out there at the moment and you can't really get a high score unless you have powered up/upgraded your nano suit. Plus it's been more than six weeks since the game came out and I've only played online once (as of 07 May 2011). So it's gonna be tough for me to begin with lol. But we'll see.
Multiplayer games will be coming soon ...
General Guides Contents
Patches & Fixes
Achievement Guide
Trophy Guide
Lethal Assassin Handgun Only Pro Tips
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