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Crysis 2 Patches & Fixes
On this page I will show details for the patches and fixes made for this game. They will be for the PC platform unless otherwise stated.
Crysis 2 Patch v1.1
Posted on March 25, 2011
This patch fixes a number of gameplay issues and bugs based on player feedback for Crysis 2. Included is the complete removal of the auto-aim system from the PC release.

Patch Notes

 - Server Browser shows incorrect pings – Fixed
 - Some matches never initiate – Fixed
 - Faster text chat – As speedy as can be
 - Console re-enabled – Console has been re-activated
 - Cheat detection – Now in place to ensure all users are on a level playing field
 - Fix USB headset issues – Current issues have been addressed and fixed
 - Fix hologram icon staying on screen after being used – Fixed
 - Remove Auto Aim – This has now been completely removed due to overwhelming community feedback

You can download this patch by right clicking this link and choosing 'Save Link As...' or 'Save Target As...'.
Crysis 2 Patch v1.2
Posted on April 4, 2011

Patch Notes

 - Further improved anti-cheat measures
 - Fix for spurious characters appearing when initiating text chat
 - Fix for Chatlog doesn't disappear after kill cam
 - Fixed occasional login issues
 - Changed VOIP defaults
 - Fixed some UI aspect issues on multiple monitors
 - Added option for crouch toggle in MP & SP
 - Fixed a bug where players lost Nano Catalyst points after restarting the game
 - Filter settings in server browser are now retained
 - Default player count required to start a game from the lobby lowered to 4
 - Fixed issue related to "Deleting Reference Counted Object Twice" error that appeared for some users with strict router/firewall settings
 - Fixed issue of not being able to melee after dying
 - Fixed issue where some video cards were being stated as unsupported ("Nano catalyst bug")

I do not have a link yet for the patch since mine was applied automatically via EA download manager. If you know of a link then please email me so I can add it here.
Balancing Act?
Posted on April 21, 2011
It appears that the following changes were made to the PS3 & Xbox 360 versions of the game and will also be applied to an 'upcoming patch' which I presume was patch 1.4.

- AY69: Increased recoil
- DSG1: Reduced fire rate
- Feline: Increased recoil
- Hammer: Reduced recoil
- Jackal: Reduced full auto spread, Increased single shot spread
- Jaw: Reduced damage, Reduced rocket speed
- Kvolt: Increased damage
- LTag: Increased fire rate, Increased damage
- Mk60: Reduced recoil
- Scar: Increased recoil
- Scarab: Increased recoil, Increased spread
- Gauss attachment: Increased clip size, Removed damage falloff
- Light shotgun attachment: Increased clip size, Reduced damage
- Frag grenade: Increased damage
- HMG: Removed crouch accuracy bonus

- Air Stomp: Reduced recovery time
- Nano Recharge: Reduced recharge rate
- Detonation Delay: Reduced delay
- Energy Transfer: Reduced tier 3 transfer amount
- Point Fire Enhance: Reduced spread further
- Weapon Pro: Increased reload and ironsight speeds further
- Mobility Enhance: Increased energy costs

- Nanosuit 2.0: Reduced armour bonus
- Headshot damage modifier reduced

Crysis 2 Patch 1.4 PC
Posted on April 26, 2011
Apparently, there was no 1.3 patch. Just Crytek, doing there bit to confuse the masses ...
Anyway, here are the changes:
- Vote-kicking feature added.
- Further improvements to anti-cheat measures.
- Objectives are returned if they end up in forbidden areas.
- Fix for Nanosuit Modules that could not be leveled in some circumstances.
- Fix for some instances of errors logging into multiplayer that would report "Could not connect to Gamespy".
- Fix for unlock tokens failing to be awarded if a player quit a game in which they leveled up before the end of the round.
- Fix for inconsistencies with weapon zooming.
- Fix for outdated stats being saved when a client leaves mid-game.
- Fixes to the Nanosuit Reboot option available at level 50.
- Fixed several weapon exploits.
- Fixed a rare issue where auto-aim, stealth kill and grab would not work on an AI.
- Reduced memory footprint of sound.
- Optimized full screen effects on some graphics cards.
- Optimized SSAO on some graphics cards.
Crysis 2 Patch 1.9 PC + DX11 Patch + High Res Textures Pack
Posted on 27 June, 2011
Just to clarify, you have to apply the v1.9 patch before you can apply the DX11 patch. You also have to have a 64 bit Operating System to enable high resolution textures.
Although there are three seperate updates here, the following text only shows what's in the v1.9 patch.
- Added Contact Shadows
- Added DX11 support for Crysis 2 (the following features only work when downloading the optional DX11 package):
  > Tessellation + Displacement Mapping
  > High Quality HDR Motion Blur
  > Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra
  > Sprite Based Bokeh Depth of Field
  > Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  > Particles Motion Blur, Shadows and Art Updates
  > Water Rendering improvements and using Tessellation + Displacement Mapping
- Added Realtime Local Reflections
- Added support for Higher Res Textures Package
- Added various new console variables to whitelist
- Fixed bullet penetration, which had been broken by a bug introduced with the DLC 2 patch
- Fixed issue in MP where player stats weren't always saved at the end of a game
- Fixed issue in MP where player stats would sometimes randomly reset
- Fixed issue with MP time played statistic, which would sometimes be too low on leaderboards and in stats
- Fixed issue with JAW rocket not firing through window's containing broken glass
- Fixed rare issue where a user could not access MP with a valid CD key if they had previously used an invalid CD key
- Improved advanced graphics options menu
- Improved anti-cheat measurements: fixed exploit which could prevent vote kicking working against a user
- Improved multi-GPU support
- Improved Tone Mapping
- Re-added possibility to enable r_StereoSupportAMD via config file (unsupported)
I think the DX11 patches came way too late. I'm already bored of the game and unless Crytek releases more levels for the campaign mode as DLC, I think I'm done with this game. So for this reason, if you need any more help or info about patches and updates, just head on over to the official forums. Link has been posted below:
Crysis 2 PC Forum
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