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Crysis Warhead
Edited: 6th March 2011 23:15 GMT

The only game to beat the quality of Crysis is it's sequel, Crysis Warhead. The Jungle and Ocean views are simply stunning and I don't think even Crysis 2 can beat those visuals. But time will tell I suppose since I've only seen the beta version's visuals so far.

Anyway, I have recently re-embedded all the videos on my website, since YouTube is using newer code which allows you to choose the quality you want to view the videos in from the player window.

Another reason is that I have finally completed the walkthrough for the entire game. Walthrough videos will be uploaded to my main YouTube channel, but movies/cutscenes will be uploaded to a different channel. Since this can lead to confusion, I would advise people to watch the videos from this website, since they are embedded in order and also because I will no longer be supporting playlists on YouTube.

You will find a list of links for all the walkthrough videos in the 'Contents' section below. Any other guides I might do will be found in the 'General Guides' section below.


001 Opening Movies 021 Adapt Or Perish Pt2 Psycho Get's High
002 Call Me Ishmael Pt2 022 Warrior Of The Wasteland Pt1 Adapt Or Perish Pt3 038 From Hell's Heart Pt1
003 Call Me Ishmael Pt3 023 Warrior Of The Wasteland Pt2 Adapt Or Perish Pt4 039 From Hell's Heart Pt2
004 Call Me Ishmael Pt4 024 Warrior Of The Wasteland Pt3 040 From Hell's Heart Pt3
005 Call Me Ishmael Pt5 025 Warrior Of The Wasteland Pt 041 From Hell's Heart Pt4
006 Call Me Ishmael Pt6 026 Warrior Of The Wasteland Pt5 Adapt Or Perish Pt7 042 From Hell's Heart Pt5
007 Call Me Ishmael Pt7 027 Warrior Of The Wasteland Pt6 Adapt Or Perish Pt8 043 From Hell's Heart Pt6
008 Call Me Ishmael Pt8 028 Adapt Or Perish Part9 044 All The Fury Part 1
009 Shore Leave Part 2 029 Adapt Or Perish Pt10 045 All The Fury Part 2
010 Shore Leave Part 3 030 Psycho The Coward? + Psycho Vs Hunter 046 All The Fury Part 3
011 Shore Leave Part 4 030a Adapt Or Perish P11 047 All The Fury Part 4
012 Shore Leave Part 5 030b Psycho vs Hunter 048 All The Fury Part 5
013 Shore Leave Part 6 Genuine 720p HD gameplay footage 049 All The Fury Part 6
014 Shore Leave Part 7 031 Frozen Paradise Pt1  
015 Shore Leave Pt 8 032 Frozen Paradise Pt2  
016 Shore Leave Part 9 033 Frozen Paradise Pt 3  
017 Blood Bath Pt1 Shore Lve Pt10 034 Frozen Paradise Pt4  
018 Blood Bath Pt2 Shore Lve Pt11 035 Below The Thunder Pt2  
019 Shore Leave Pt 12 036 Below The Thunder Pt3  
020 Adapt Or Perish Pt1 037 Below The Thunder Pt4  
General Guides
Nothing yet ...
Gamer Zone > Crysis Warhead >
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