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Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Welcome to the Deus Ex: Human Revolution part of my website. No game is perfect, including this one, but it comes pretty damned close. I don't really like first person perspective games, but the gameplay is superior to standard fps games, so that more than makes up for it.

In this section you will find walkthrough guides for the entire game. You will also find general guides for things like secret items/areas as well as strategies on how to handle different types of enemies, including bosses.

You can navigate all available content via the user friendly menus below.
Campaign Walkthrough
This section contains the walkthrough for the entire game, although at the moment, it is still a work in progress. I played at the hardest difficulty, which is 'Give Me Deus Ex'.
Detroit Part 1  
001 Opening Movies 023 Detroit Quests Pt 6
002 Sarif Industries 024 Detroit Quests Pt 7
003 Movies/Cutscenes Cont.. 025 Detroit Quests Pt 8
004 Sarif Plant Pt1 026 Detroit Quests Pt 9
005 Sarif Plant Pt2 027 Detroit Quests Pt 10
006 Sarif Plant Pt3 028 Detroit Quests Pt 11 Movie
007 Sarif Plant Movie Pt4 029 Detroit Quests Pt12
008 Sarif Plant Pt5 030 FEMA Camp Pt1
009 Sarif Plant Movies/Cutscenes Pt6 031 FEMA Camp Movie
010 Detroit Quests Pt1 032 FEMA Camp Movie 2
016 Detroit Quests Pt2 033 FEMA Camp Pt2 Barret Boss Multiple Strategies
017 Detroit Quests Pt3 034 FEMA Camp Movie 3
021 Detroit Quests Pt4 035 FEMA Camp Pt3 & Detroit Quests 13
022 Detroit Quests Pt5  
Secrets: Items & Areas
There are plenty of secret items and areas in this game. This section will attempt to reveal all of them.
Letitia's Secrets Detroit  
Secret Weapons Stashes Detroit  
Secret Shortcut Detroit  
Stun Gun Location Detroit  
Praxis Kit Location Guide Detroit  
Item Storage Trick *Clear up your inventory*  
Secret Stash at Adam Jensen's Appartment  
Hot Devil Beer Locations + Letitia's Reward  
Police Armoury Heist! Detroit  
Secret Rocket Launcher Location! Detroit  
This section will outline strategies on how to defeat different types of enemies. Initially, all the boss fights will be shown.
Barrett Boss Fight 25 Second Takedown!  
Picus Boss Fight Fedorova 80 Sec Takedown Strategy  
Namir Boss Fight 13 Second Takedown!  
Barrett Boss Multiple Strategies  
Picus Boss Pwned in 35 Seconds!  
The Missing Link DLC
Due out in October 2011, I will reserve a spot for it right here.
Gamer Zone > Deus Ex: Human Revoution >