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Welcome all to the Dead Rising 2 section of this website. Some games, like standard first person shooters, don't really need walkthroughs or strategy guides. But I'm sure you'll agree, that a game like Dead Rising 2, definitely needs them.
I will be making two types of video guides for this game. The first type will be quick 'Super Tips' which can prove to be pretty useful while playing the game. Examples include the Zombrex Location Guide and tips on how to defeat a particularly annoying boss.
The second type of guide will be a proper walkthrough of the game, from the beginning to the end. I will try to include all movies and cutscenes, but this will depend on whether or not I get any copyright infringement notices.
Below you will find a list of all the Super Tips guides. Once a guide has been uploaded, the relevant item in the list will become an active link. More guides will be added if the need arises. So let me know if you want to know where to find a certain type of weapon, for example.
Lastly, some videos may have comprehensive text guides to accompany them, so watch out for them too.
Super Tips Contents
Zombrex location guide
Hidden Combo Cards Location Guide
Secret Trophy/Achievement Guide
Easy Money Part 1
Katey's gifts location guide
Taming Snowflake
Infinitely Respawning Items Guide
Easy Money Part 2
Easy Money Part 3
Get Super BFG Early
Super BFG Stockpile Guide
Walkthroughs Section
None Yet.
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