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Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is a slightly improved version of Fallout 3. It has a totally different story and no characters from Fallout 3 are present here.

The developers seem to have ignored some of the more useful features found in the previous game. For example, schematics are not as abundant as they were and one of my favourites, the dart gun, has been taken out totally. I was pretty annoyed about that, let me tell you.

But ignoring things like that, this is a good game and you can easily spend hundreds of hours on it, especially if you play multiple times trying out different character types.

I myself have completed this game once already and am currently playing it in hardcore mode.

I was actually done with this game (there's only so many times you can repeat a quest), but decided to try out the Blood Money DLC story. It was okay, but you are confined to what might as well be a different dimension, since it is a closed off area. You don't get access to your equipment from the main game and you have to complete the story before you can return to the Mojave desert.

Anyway, once I completed that story, I decided to run around the Mojave desert . While passing through Quarry Junction, I realised some deathclaws had re-spawned in that area again. I immediately decided to make the 'Sniper vs Deathclaws' video because I had meant to make it the last time I played the game, but wasn't able to. You see, I had already killed the deathclaws twice in that area and sometimes they don't spawn again.

Currently there is only one video for this game, but if you guys want to see more, just let me know. Whatever videos I make for this game will be found below.
General Gameplay Videos:
Sniper vs Deathclaws!!
Gamer Zone > Fallout New Vegas >
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