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James Bond 007 Bloodstone
James Bond Bloodstone was a pretty good game, but I felt it lacked depth. For example, the only gadget was a smart phone. I mean, come on, what happened to Q Branch?

It did have some pretty good stealth sections and I have just uploaded a video which showcases this. Below you will find the Monaco level, which has been uploaded in two parts.
Monaco Part 1 - Stealth Tactics
Pure stealth with plenty of tips on how to successfully navigate the first part of this level.
Monaco Part 2 - Review included
In this part, you are forced to shoot your way out of the casino and unfortunately, stealth was the first casualty of this shootout. Since there's only so much you can say, about shooting bad guys, I decided to do a mini review for this game.
Gamer Zone > James Bond Blood Stone >
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