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I will upload some videos to YouTube to showcase what the world of Oblivion looks like with all graphical settings at maximum. But anyone who has played Oblivion will know that there is a lot to this game. It is quite complex and can prove to be overwhelming to newcomers. So rather than trying to explain about a million facts in the videos, I will try to explain them here. (But probably not a million facts exactly).

I loaded saved data from one of my uncompleted playthroughs. I've played this game a total of four times. The first time I used all kinds of cheats which kinda ruined the game. So I abandoned that game and started again; this is the result. I only used the duplicate glitch once, to 'backup' a quest item (Azura's Star) because I accidentally dropped it once and couldn't find it! So I had to relaod an earlier game (which meant several hours of gameplay were wasted) to find this item. Apart from that, I've used no glitches or cheats. All the money is hard earned and all items have been obtained legitimately.

I haven't done the main quest yet, but can do so at any time. I just didn't want to close all the Oblivion gates just yet.

I abandoned this game too, because I realised something on this playthrough. Something that would make me extremely powerful. So I started a new game and my idea proved to be right. I had the main villain beat in a fist fight! Hard to believe, but I have proof which I will show at a much later stage. As for the fourth game, I started playing as a male character and got bored (needless to say but that game was abandoned too). See the section on gender further down for details. So out of four games, I've only completed one. I may just complete this one too someday.


My Character

I've concentrated on stealth and magic and created a custom class called SneakMage.


Is female. Why? Well I'm a bloke and personally, if I'm going to be playing a game for hundreds of hours, I would rather be looking at a female character than a male one. If you're a bloke, you know what I'm talking about. And girls, don't judge, that's just the way we are.

My character is quite powerful which is not surprising since I'm currently level 50. You can tell by the speed with which my character can run.

Guilds are groups you can join. For example, the Magicians guild is called the Mages Guild. The thieves guild is called just that. I've reached top rank in all guilds except the Fighters Guild.
Since I'm Arch Mage, I have created some pretty potent spells. My one touch kill spell can be seen in the first video.
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