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RE5 Adaptive Difficulty Explained

Regional Difficulty?
Contrary to what some people believe, the difficulty level in Resident Evil 5 does not vary from region to region. For example, the European version is not harder or easier than the American version. The game is exactly the same, no matter what region, no matter what platform.

Think about it for a minute. If the difficulty level did indeed vary, then how could people with the easier version get their scores on the same leaderboards as everyone else? Wouldn't they have their own, seperate leaderboards?

In Game Difficulty
We know there are four selectable difficulty modes/levels in the main game, but there are also eleven invisible grades of difficulty, ranging from 0 to 10. These grades vary, depending on how good (or bad) you are playing:
* The asterisk shows the starting difficulty grade for each difficulty level.

Adaptive Difficulty
The difficulty grade of the game will change dynamically, by factors outlined in the tables below.

To put it simply, everytime you lose 1000 grade points, you decrease the difficulty grade by one. When you start a new game at normal difficulty mode, for example, you will start at grade 3. If you keep playing badly (take damage), the grade will eventually drop to 2. In other words, things get slightly easier.

It follows then, that a 1000 increase in grade points will result in your difficulty grade going up. If you play really good (i.e. avoid damage and kill enemies via critical hits) the grade will slowly creep up. This means you could get to grade 7 at normal difficulty. Grade 7 is the starting difficuly for Veteran mode, so you are effectively playing at Veteran difficulty mode, even though you selected normal difficulty mode.

That's the thing about this game, difficulty varies throughout the game and difficulty modes can overlap.

There are some exceptions. Professional mode is fixed at grade 10. Also, when you play 'The Mercenaries', the difficulty remains fixed. It's grade 6 for Solo mode and grade 8 for duo/split screen mode.

Variable Damage
Another thing that changes with the difficulty grade is the amount of damage you do to the enemy and the amount of damage they do to you. See table below.

So the harder the difficulty gets, the less damage you do to the enemy and the more damage they do to you. Just take a look at the damage enemies do to you at professional difficulty. Ten times the damage ... no wonder you die with just one hit!

As you can see, playing 'The Mercenaries' in solo mode means you only do 0.97 times the normal damage. Chris's straight punch is supposed to do 400 damage. But it will only do 388 damage at grade 6 difficulty.

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