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Resident Evil 5
Welcome to the Resident Evil 5 section of my website. Here you will find walkthrough videos for the entire game. There are also more general guides available too, for various aspects of the game. Guides for different modes of the game, such as The Mercenaries, are also available. You can navigate all of this content via the user friendly navigaton menus below.

Resident Evil 5 is a pretty good game, but the replay value is just astounding. You can play each chapter at four different difficulties. You also have extra modes, such as The Mercenaries and Versus Mode which will keep you interested for several weeks, if you are new to this game. Heck, even after two years I still find myself returning to play a quick game of The Mercenaries or The Mercenaries reunion. This game is certainly worth having in your collection, in my opinion. I definitely recommend it and I give it a solid 9 out of 10.
Campaign Walkthrough
Below you will find all the walkthrough videos for the main game, played at Veteran difficulty. A few chapters have yet to be uploaded, but don't worry, they will be added here in the very near future.
Chapter 1-1 Civilian Checkpoint Chapter 4-1 Caves
001 Civilian Checkpoint Part 1 027 Caves Chapter 4-1 Part 1 of 2 *S Rank*
002 Civilian Checkpoint Part 2 028 Caves Chapter 4-1 Part 2 of 2 *S Rank*
003 Infinite Items and Money Guide  
  Chapter 4-2 Worship Area
Chapter 1-2 Public Assembly 029 Worship Area Chapter 4-2 Pt 1 of 2 *S Rank*
004 Public Assembly Part 1 030 Pyramid 4-2 Part 2 of 2 * S Rank*
005 Uroboros Boss Fight - Chapters 1-2 & 2-1  
  Chapter 5-1 Underground Garden
Chapter 2-1 Storage Facility 031 Underground Garden *S Rank*
006 Chapter 2-1 Pt 2  
  Chapter 5-2 Experimental Facility
Chapter 2-2 Train Station  
007 Train Station Chapter 2-2 Pt1  
008 POPOKARIMU Boss Fight Chapter 2-2 Pt2  
Chapter 2-3 Savanna Chapter 5-3 Uroboros Research Facility
009 NDESU Boss Fight Strategy *S Rank*  
010 Savanna End Movies & Marshlands Opening Movies  
Chapter 3-1 Marshlands Chapter 6-1 Ship Deck
011 Marshlands *S Rank*  
Chapter 3-2 Execution Ground  
012 Execution Ground Pt1/2 *S Rank* Chapter 6-2 Main Deck
014 Cutscenes 1 (This is not a mistake)  
013 Execution Ground Chapter 3-2 Pt2/2 *S Rank*  
015 Cutscenes 2  
016 Cutscenes 3  
017 Cutscenes 4 Chapter 6-3 Bridge Deck
Chapter 3-3 Oil Field - Drilling Facilities  
026 Oil Field Chapter 3-3 *S Rank*  
General Guides & Miscellaneous
This section covers all other aspects of this game. The items stockpile guides can all be found here.
RE5 Adaptive Difficulty Explained  
003 Infinite Items and Money Guide  
Stockpile Guide: Grenades  
Stockpile Guide: Rocket Launcher  
Stockpile Guide: Magnum Bullets  
Chris Warrior & Sheva Business Costumes  
These next two videos were possible combo intros for Wesker's video. Well actually, the second one was a parody lol...
Wesker's Combo Intro - Just the intro!  
Excella Does ... Wesker's Combo Intro  
The Mercenaries
Can you believe, nothing yet ... but there's plenty of other Mercenaries stuff. Just see below.

Anyway, what can I say about this mode? It can be fun, but it is also frustrating as hell. Especially if you have a fantastic score, with a big combo and suddenly, you're dead.
The Mercenaries - No Mercy Mode (PC Only)
This mode is only available for the PC and can only be played in solo mode. And let me tell you, this mode is even more frustrating than the original Mercenaries, as more cehpalos tend to spawn and if you get trapped by them, then it's game over. Why not see for yourself?
Public Assembly (PA): Wesker Stars *S Rank*  
PA: Sheva Tribal *SS Rank* All enemies killed  
PA: Wesker STARS 380 Combo Pt1 SS Rank  
PA: Wesker STARS 380 Combo Pt2 SS Rank  
PA: Wesker Midnight Pt1 *All Enemies Killed*  
PA: Wesker Midnight Pt2 *All Enemies Killed*  
PA: Sheva Tribal 965,492  
PA: Wesker STARS 1,102,952  
The Mercenaries Reunion (PS3 & Xbox 360 Only)
Originally, this mode was DLC (downloadable content), but it can also be found on the Gold Edition of the Resident Evil 5 disc. You can play with eight 'new' characters, since each character has different costumes and weapons.

The first eight videos are 'documentary style', meaning they show the first score I got while playing with each of these new characters. Further videos will just show high scores.
Chris Warrior: Public Assembly (PA): Solo: S Rank  
Chris Heavy Metal: PA: Solo: S Rank  
Sheva The Vampire Slayer (Fairy Tale): PA: Solo: SS Rank  
Josh: PA: Solo: SS Rank  
Excella's Romp in Public Assembly: Solo: S Rank  
Sheva Business : PA: Solo: SS Rank  
Barry Burton : PA: Solo: SS Rank  
Rebecca Chambers: PA: Solo: SS Rank  
Chris Warrior: 149K :PA: Solo: SS Rank  
Versus Mode
Not really a fan of this mode, but I'll reserve a spot here, just in case I make a video in the future.
Lost In Nightmares
The worst thing about these DLC levels is that you have to play them from beginning to end. You can't stop playing one day and then resume the next. Not if you turn off your console overnight, like any sensible person would.

So no videos here yet, but you never know what the future brings.
Desperate Escape
See my comments immediately above. The same applies here.
Character Melee & Combo Guides
These Melee & combo guides have proven to be quite popular. Maybe I should do some for the Reunion characters too...
021 Chris's Advanced Melee Combat + Chris Vs Wesker *Special Combo*  
022 Sheva's Advanced Melee Combat + Sheva Vs Wesker *Special Combo*  
023 Jill's Advanced Melee Combat includes Flip Kick & Cartwheel Kick  
024 Wesker's Advanced Melee & Combo Guide inc. Ghost Butterfly & Rhino Charge  
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